About us

Capstone Industries is a well reputed growing company serving the Industrial insulation industry by supplying cold & Hot Insulation products .

Capstone has jointly developed the brand INSULEX, by collaborating with 3 major world-class manufacturers of insulation materials focusing the Oil & Gas /Petrochemicals , Iron & steel ,Copper , aluminum , Cement & Power industries .

INSULEX Brand of CALCIUM SILICATE , CELLULAR GLASS AND PHENOLIC INSULATION materials are manufactured with state of the art technology and conform to all major international standards.

Managed by a team of well experienced and versatile professionals , Capstone is well equipped to understand the finer needs of of each individual clients, the Insulation industry as a whole and translate it into right products in specified time . The promoters have tremendous experience in sourcing & marketing of Insulation products and significant exposure to domestic & international markets.

In addition to Insulation materials Capstone is a single source for an array of Insulation ancillaries, cladding materials and insulation tools .

Strategically located very close to the sea port which has easy access to different destinations in Middle east countries .

The company possess proven expertise in Projects supplies, organizing third party inspections, logistic services and documentations.

Capstone Industries is a customer-focused company committed to provide quick and innovative solutions to individual requirements of each clients as per the ever-changing needs of the Insulation Industry.